and Advice

Being Vigilant

  • Vary your the times you venture in and out of the house to avoid intruders learning your habits.
  • Keep an eye out of who is around you and if there has been unfamiliar faces or vehicles near your home over a few days. Try to avoid wearing headphones so you can hear footsteps creeping up behind you.
  • Walk against the traffic so you see cars coming towards you. If a kidnapper was to approach from behind you may have little time to escape.

Social Media

  • Refrain from commenting on your whereabouts such as holidays or short breaks. Intruders can use this information to break into your home when you are not there.



  • Keep personal belongings out of sight. If possible put valuable items into a safe at home or a safe in the bank. Metro Bank offer this service at reasonable rates.
  • Keep a very small about of cash and costume jewellery so that in the event of an intruder gaining access, they can make off with very little making the assumption you do not have anything of value.
  • Remember if violence is used or you fear for your life, give up whatever you have, it is not worth your life and home insurance will cover the loss.
  • Shred sensitive documents to avoid being the victim of identity theft.


  • Install an alarm. An alarm is a huge deterrent for any intruder as they do not want to draw attention to the property they are burglarising.
  • An alarm has many uses such as panic mode allowing you to manually raise the alarm from inside if you suspect an intruder has gained access whilst the alarm was inactive.
  • Set up chime areas on the front and rear door so you audibly hear when the door has opened.
  • ALWAYS set your alarm, if you don’t, you invalidate your insurance. Remember to secure all windows and doors.
  • Teach your children the importance of personal security both in and out of the home. They should also know how to set and unset the alarm.
  • Avoid sharing alarm codes and grant temporary access instead.



  • Install CCTV or similar door entry device so you can see who is at the door before you open it. You can also turn people away from anywhere in the world without divulging whether you are home or not.
  • Ensure you have weak areas covered. If you have a recessed porch, there could be intruders lurking behind walls that shield them from your peripheral view. Protect yourself from this using cctv and a monitor by the front door so you can check the area before opening the door.
  • Advanced CCTV can use facial recognition or line detection that alerts your smart device when an potential intruder is detected.


  • External lighting is crucial in deterring intruders. They often like to hide in dark places or areas of reduced security where they can take their time breaking in making very little noise.

Smoke Alarms


  • Install smoke alarms in communal areas that use RF communication to signal each alarm when smoke or heat is detected. There are several Lymeberry can offer that are smart enough to determine a real fire or some burnt toast and can even alert you on your mobile smart device.
  • Ensure you have a get out strategy for all scenarios and practice them (without jumping out of the window of course.
  • Buy an emergency escape ladder for each of the upper floors. The cost is justified if it means you get out alive.

Home Automation

  • Automate your home with varied schedules so that anyone watching your house over time is unable to determine if anyone is home or not.
  • Control your home remotely to give the appearance someone is always home.